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Home Activities for Parents and Preschoolers

The family plays a very important role in the upbringing of the children. It is said that the home is the first playground for the children and it is here where the children gain their primary experiences. A family provides basic training to the children in order to become functional individuals of society. Parents are the best observers of their children and are their first teachers.

Through this post, I will be discussing some simple activities that parents can do with their children that will make their children independent, help enhance motor skills, develop a sense of compassion, and make them aware of their surroundings.


Children love to have pizzas, baked bread, or bread rolls. Making the dough at home and asking children to help in the process is a great way to spend some quality time with the child. Letting the children knead the dough is an excellent exercise for their wrists and fingers. It helps to strengthen their grip and enhances their writing skills. Moreover, once the dough is cooked it gives them the confidence to be able to do a task that can be done by adults. 


Cooking Preparation

Eating healthy food is essential in the growing years of children. It is important for their cognitive and physical growth. One way to get the children to eat what is being cooked is to make the children a part of the preparation of the meal. Parents can start by asking children to choose what should be on the menu.

While cooking, children can help parents by washing and assembling all the vegetables required for cooking. By doing this children are aware of what they are going to eat and will eat it willingly. They also learn about different types of vegetables while helping their parents. Parents can talk about underground vegetables, leafy vegetables, etc while cooking with the children. Parents can also talk about colors to the children as vegetables come in different colors.

Therefore the daily routine of cooking, when done along with the children at home, by asking them to help in simple ways can make them aware of different vegetables, colors, the aroma of foods, the textures of different vegetables. It also teaches that vegetables should be washed before using, certain vegetables can be eaten raw, and not all vegetables need to be peeled.


Watering The Plants

Teaching about the environment and the consequences pollution has on our environment is extremely important. The importance of planting trees and growing plants should be discussed by parents at home. While watering the plants, parents should allow the children to water them. If children are seen plucking flowers or trampling on the flower beds, parents should explain to the children why it is wrong to do so. Children should be made to plant their own plants. This will encourage them to take care of it and have compassion for nature. Plants also help children learn different shapes and textures of leaves.


Watering plants

Laying The Table

Laying the table for lunch or dinner may sound like an easy task, but it takes hand-eye coordination, precision, and arrangement. Children should be given the task of laying the table. This will help them learn the names of the different categories of things that are laid out, for example, cutlery, crockery, etc. Children also learn coordination as they have to lay out similar things for every member of the family. Moreover, sitting and eating with the family should always be encouraged as children eat what is laid on the table. They learn to converse with others in the family. They do not feel left out when they are made a part of the entire process.


Pet Care

Pets offer unconditional love. This can teach children who have pets to do the same. Selfless behavior, loving, comforting, and true companionship are the traits that children pick up from having a pet at home. Parents should encourage children to participate in the grooming of the pet. No kind of teasing should be allowed. Parents who expose their children to pets from a very young age help in strengthening their immune system. Having pets around the house helps parents teach their children about the animals, their habitat, young ones, sounds, the food they eat and their behavior. 

pet care

House Cleaning

Having little children around the house means having toys, books, games, and all their things laid out on the floor practically everywhere. We cannot stop our children from learning or playing, but we can enhance their learning by teaching them to clear up once they are done playing. Parents should have a fixed place in the house for things so that it is easy for children to put back the things. The place for children’s things should be accessible to them.

Parents should make it a routine for children to clear the things once they have finished playing. This makes the children responsible for their own things and also helps them to be organized as they put back things in their appropriate place. This helps in enhancing both the large and small motor skills of the children. It also enhances the memory of the children as they have to remember where to put each thing back. It teaches children to be organized and keep things in an orderly manner.

Self Feeding

With parents pressed for time and everyone rushing for work or having their hands full with household chores usually, children are fed by their parents. This ends up making them dependent. Allowing children to eat on their own makes them aware of the different types of fruits and vegetables that they eat. It improves their hand-eye coordination. It enhances their grip while holding the spoon, which later helps in their writing. 

self feeding

Children come to the preschool for 2-3 hours. Most of their time is spent at home with their parents. With these simple activities and chores that parents can involve their children in, a lot of learning can be done. These simple activities help in developing the cognitive and physical strength of the children. But beyond all this, it brings the children closer to their parents as these activities are a combined effort of the family as a whole.